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Welcome to Begin Therapy

Your path to better health begins here...

As you can see from the menu items, we are able to offer a considerable range of therapies and services.  Broadly speaking, they fall into two categories – physical and spiritual.  Detailed information about each can be found by selection from the menu.  Briefly however...


Through the use of an impressive array of holistic and complementary therapies, we are able to offer help and advice on general health problems, problems involving stress and anxiety, trauma following an accident, or even help with addictive cravings such as alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes etc.

Even if you consider yourself to be in good health, we are still able to offer treatments (e.g. Hopi Ear Candles) to help your body cleans itself of many of today's air-borne pollutants, or massage techniques to help alleviate the stress of modern life.


Having worked in spiritualist churches up and down the country, we are able to conduct divine services for all denominations of spiritualist churches and provide a guest speaker for lectures and workshops on various spiritual topics.  For smaller groups, or individuals, we can offer talks and workshops on any of the following:

  • Angel Workshops
  • Awareness
  • Development
  • Healing
  • Phenomena

We can also undertake spiritual clearances – that is, assisting lost or reluctant souls to vacate this physical world and move over to the next life.

Not every soul makes the normally smooth transition into the spirit world; some become trapped in an earthbound state and may attempt to contact those on the physical plane – this is what we usually refer to as 'haunting'.  It requires a medium, sensitive to the soul's vibrational energies, to release it from this trapped state.

Why so many therapies?

As you read through the descriptions of the various therapies, you will notice that there are many similarities between them – so why do we offer such a variety, since in many ways they are very similar?

The simple answer is that individuals respond to the various techniques in different ways.  What often seems to give good results with one person can sometimes be of little help to another.

Since we always strive to give satisfaction and value for money, it sometimes happens that when someone comes along for a particular treatment, we may actually suggest a different therapy altogether – one that we feel would be more beneficial to the client's needs.

Although we will always endeavour to give good advice, the final choice of therapy always rests with the client – unless, of course, we consider that a particular technique would actually be detrimental to the client's health (e.g. the use of Hopi ear candles with perforated eardrums).

The first steps...

There is one underlying principle common to all the therapies – they all assume that the client actually wants to improve their health and is prepared to make the necessary commitment to give the treatment a fair chance of success.

Any half-hearted sessions will not give the desired results, but instead will prove to be a waste of the client's time and money and will also prove to be a great disappointment to us.

However, if you are ready to take the first steps and begin therapy, or would like additional information, then please don't hesitate to contact us.