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Begin Angel Therapy

What is Angel Therapy?

Angels are messengers from God.  They bring pure and unconditional love into our lives and are always there ready to help and to guide us – we only have to ask!

They have only our best interests at heart, and as such offer praise and encouragement; they even give warnings should the need arise, and they never, under any circumstances, violate our free will; we are still at liberty to mess things up, should we choose to ignore their advice.

Our angels and guides help us in all aspects of our lives – for example, the things we call intuition or inspiration are actually our angels at work giving us the insight we need to solve problems or to simply be creative.

What happens in an Angel Therapy session?

It is certainly not easy (and maybe even impossible) to describe exactly what is involved during an Angel Therapy session.

Every session is unique since each person's needs are often very different.  This uniqueness is reinforced by the fact that each person's angels and spirit guides, along with those of the practitioner, will be brought into play.

It is also quite likely, that during a session, the practitioner will use many of the other skills and techniques at their disposal – aspects of Reiki and other therapies for example, and maybe various counselling and meditation techniques.

How can Angel Therapy help?

Through our angels and spirit guides, Angel Therapy offers us a way to communicate with the loved ones we've lost and thus gives us a feeling of satisfaction and a sense of security in knowing, that in a way, they're still with us.

Angel Therapy allows us to better understand our purpose and mission in life by awakening our spiritual consciousness.  By cleansing our minds of emotional baggage, Angel Therapy increases our optimism about our own lives and about the world around us.