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Begin Personal Readings

What are Personal Readings?

Personal readings are a form of spirit communication, just the same as you see in spiritual churches.  The only difference being that the reading is performed in private.  This allows more time to be devoted to the sitter and it is then possible to discuss things of a more private and personal nature than would normally be possible from the platform of a church or meeting place.

Whilst any attempt to communicate with spirit is, by its very nature, experimental and cannot be guaranteed, the medium will endeavor to make the reading both evidential in nature and an enjoyable experience for the sitter.

Is a reading frightening?

Not in the least.  The people who may wish to communicate with you from the spirit world are those that knew and cared for you when they were alive on Earth – why should you be frightened of them now!

Can a reading tell you things you don't want to know?

Spirit people are bound by natural law to communicate in terms of truth and love and would not communicate anything that is going to worry or upset you.

Can spirits tell your future?

No!  They cannot foretell your future as your future is something which doesn't yet exist, but spirit guides, unburdened by physical minds and material influences, can often see the larger viewpoint and the likely outcome of your actions and any potential problems; then of course, they will try to advise you of these problems before they arise.

Does a medium know everything about you?

The medium will know nothing about you before the reading begins and will only be given those facts that the spirit people choose to impart to him or her.  However, just as with your friends here on earth, your spirit friends will respect your privacy and nothing of a private nature will be revealed – unless it is important to the communication.

Because of the way information is channeled through the medium, it is unlikely that the medium will remember much of the session.

Things you can do to make your reading more successful.

Keep an open mind, try not to limit your thoughts to one or two people; your message can come from anyone you have known – even someone who died before you were born.

Try to be patient and if you don't understand part of your message, say so and the medium will try and clarify it.  Don't say 'No' just to be awkward, and don't say 'Yes' just to be helpful – just be truthful.

Can a personal reading help with the here-and-now?

Yes, a reading can often help with problems in the here-and-now.  The medium can help by bringing through the evidence that we are loved and supported by spirit people.  The medium also becomes a confidential and understanding listener who can often provide a detached view of a difficult situation.

The main aim is to make the reading as enjoyable as possible and to try and provide evidence that our loved ones are all around us and still care for us.