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Begin Regression Therapy

What is Regression Therapy?

Regression Therapy, also known as Time-line Therapy, is a trip down memory lane with a difference.  We can either confine the trip to our current lifetime or go beyond these confines and into our past lives.

Have you ever had the feeling when you meet someone for the first time, that you've known them before, or you've visited someplace and felt you've been there before?  Here in the West, this illusory feeling of having already experienced a present situation (dèjá vu, as the French call it) is considered strange or unusual, yet the great religions of the East – Hinduism and Buddhism – have long believed in the 'wheel of reincarnation'.

Work carried out by western therapists has considerably added to the weight of evidence suggesting that we have lived other lives.  Pioneers in the field, such as Dr Brian Weiss, have made the connection between unexplained fears and trauma in this life, and the past memories and events of previous lives accessed through regression therapy.

With normal recollection we're limited to the memories that our conscious mind will allow us to recall. The problem arises because our consciousness suppresses many of the memories associated with experiences or events deemed to be harmful to us – memories from early childhood in particular.  Our subconscious mind, however, retains every memory of every event we've ever experienced – good and bad.

Through Regression therapy, we can regain access to our subconscious memories and re-examine them in the light of our greater experience and maturity – thus allowing us to eliminate many of our fears, phobias and misconceptions.

Our life's become greatly enriched by the shedding of all this 'emotional' baggage.

How is the Regression carried out?

Under gentle and non-intrusive hypnosis, the subject is placed in an extremely calm and relaxed state (almost like day-dreaming) though is always in full control and totally aware of everything taking place.  It is from this relaxed state that the subject can gain access to their subconscious and can be taken back to observe events from their previous history.  It cannot be over emphasized that the subject does not relive any of their fears and the ensuing trauma, but instead becomes merely an observer of the events.  It is then through a combination of their own maturity and the practitioner's counselling that these fears and phobias can be addressed and dispatched into obscurity.