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Angels, the Spirit World, Regression, the Afterlife, Tarot and more.

Begin Spiritual Services

Learn about the Afterlife.

With the dramatic rise in the popularity and exposure of spiritualism in recent years – through television programs such as Crossing Over with John Edward and 6ixth Sense with Colin Fry, and through psychic chat lines – many of us have had, or have seen examples of, communication with the spirit world, but what do we know about the afterlife and its inhabitants?

In what shape or form do these 'shadowy' figures appear to us?
When and why do they visit the physical world that we live in?
How do they affect and influence our daily lives?

For the answers to these and many other questions, join us for a workshop that will unlock some of the mysteries and misunderstandings of the paranormal.

On a journey of discovery you will learn:

  • Why some homes are haunted and what to do about it;
  • The difference between spirits and ghosts;
  • Why some spirits remain earthbound;
  • What Psychic-Attack is and how to deal with it;
  • Why some people attract Poltergeist activity and others don't;
  • To recognise a 'Portal' – a gateway between the two worlds and how to seal it;
  • What Astral-Travel is and a related phenomena: Astral-Catalepsy.

Allow us to help you uncover the mystery surrounding spiritual phenomena, to replace fear and ignorance with knowledge and understanding.

Spiritual Awareness.

We offer classes and workshops that will help you:

  • Uncover and develop your Psychic and Spiritual gifts;
  • Discover the difference between the Psychic and the Spiritual;
  • Learn about the 'Aura' – the energy field surrounding all living things;
  • Learn to see, sense and touch the Aura;
  • Find out what your Aura reveals about you;
  • Understand Psychometry – the art of reading energy impressions emanating from objects and places;
  • Discover the Chakras – the body's spiritual energy centres;
  • Learn how the Chakras affect the mind, body and emotions;
  • Learn about Pendulum Dowsing and Sand reading;
  • Learn about Psychic Art and Inspired Writing;
  • Unlock you 'Sixth' sense;
  • Learn different methods of Divination;
  • Learn about Tarot cards, Angel cards, The 'Runes' and Water Scrying;
  • Learn about Flower and Ribbon readings;
  • Learn Grounding, Psychic Protection, Astral Cords and much more.

Spiritual Development.

For those who wish to take their spiritual growth further, we offer classes in mediumship.  You will learn how to link with spirits and give evidence of survival of the soul beyond physical death.  You will discover the difference between Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience and find out which of these gifts you possess.

We will teach you:

  • To enhance your spiritual gifts and raise them to a professional standard;
  • How to conduct a public demonstration and to give private readings;
  • The etiquette and ethics of spiritual communication with the spiritual realm;
  • About Spiritual Healing;
  • How to become a 'channel' for Divine Healing Energies;
  • How to develop your 'mental' mediumship;
  • How Trance and Physical mediumship work and how to build the link with these types of spiritual communication;
  • About the Phenomena of spiritualism;
  • About Earth-bound spirits;
  • Who and what Spirit Guides are, and how they work with us;
  • What a 'Doorkeeper' or Guardian Angel is;
  • To unlock your spiritual philosophy and become a link between the physical and spiritual worlds.

How well do you know your Angels?

There can be few people in the world today who have not heard of angels, yet what do we know about these beings?  They are mentioned countless times in the Bible, the Koran and in the folklore of many cultures.  We tend to use the word 'Angel' in an all encompassing way to describe celestial beings, but in fact, there are many levels of these beings, only some of which are actually angels.  As early as the 5th Century AD, 'Dionysios', a disciple of St Paul, listed nine orders, or 'choirs', of celestial beings.  So, how well do you know your angels...

  • What are orders or choirs?
  • What areas of mankind's existence are each of these orders responsible for?
  • Who are the seven principle archangels?
  • How do you connect with your angel and learn their name?
  • Which day of the week are each of the archangels associated with?
  • Which colour of the rainbow are each of the archangels associated with?
  • How can angels assist us in our everyday life?
  • Which angel should you call upon in different situations?
  • What part do angels play in the relationship between God and mankind?

Do angels ever take on the guise of human form and walk among us for a while?  The answer seems to be a resounding 'Yes'.  Throughout recorded history, there have been many anecdotal stories and examples of people who have experienced angelic intervention in their life, these recordings are too numerous to simply be dismissed as imagination.

The Bible reminds us (HEBREWS 13,2)

Remember to show hospitality.
There are some, who by doing so have entertained angels without knowing it.